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Created to improve the effectiveness of interactions

Engagement and attention control
Face ID and emotions detection
Video streaming is not required

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About Examus

Examus has built a technology that analyzes online user behavior based on facial recognition and emotion detection - our tech stack uses a webcam and computing solely on the edge to collect data with no privacy issues.
Video recognition on the edge
Low bandwidth demand
Mobile and computer support
No data privacy issues
Transparent for users
Simple API

Upgrade your service with Examus

User testing services

Get fair emotional feedback about UX/UI

Webinars and video streaming

See people’s reactions in real-time
to manage the audience attention

Personnel control systems

Be sure that employees do their job
the whole time

Educational platforms

Learn students’ reactions and engagement to improve the online  content and predict learning outcomes

Feel like a proctor

Examus is the world’s leading solution for learning validation. We work with colleges, universities, businesses, and certification providers to create secure, high-quality educational experiences – and ensure that learners who play by the rules are honored for their work.

Examus products

AI proctoring

Unique Examus technology allows building powerful scalable online proctoring tools. Using our API, any testing platform or LMS can provide their customers with all types of proctoring services transparently.


What do you know about people watching your Youtube video? Sure, I know only the statistics with no relevant emotional aspect. Examus Vsend helps to get fair viewers’ feedback and presents you the analytics.

ExamusEQ API

Would you like to know your users better? Examus gives any online service the ability to track attention, engagement and emotional reactions using video recognition.ExamusEQ doesn’t need to stream video, that’s why it is highly scalable and cost-effective.

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